"Sponsor a dog!"

We have a nice full race schedule planned. We will both take turns racing. All 10 dogs should be able to race.
Please check out our Dog Sponsorship page. Please send me an email if you would like to sponsor a dog.


We would like to thank everyone who sponsored a dog for a new collar!

Allis & Oliver were sponsored by Ariel, Onyx and Sebastian Shore
Honey & Eris were sponsored by Sasha  Polakowski
Max was sponsored by his sister Loula
Zelda was sponsored by Crash & Jinx


"Buy a Round of Kibble (BARK)"

Would you like to sponsor us by helping us to feed the dogs? We feed Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete which can be purchased from Chewy.com and sent right to us! Or you can send us a check that will go right to a bag of food. Right now we are going through 2 bags a week just for the dogs in harness, also around 5 lbs of dog cookies, and lots of meat.

Our dog food sponsors:
GIANT thank you to the Pearsall Family!