"Sponsor a dog!"

The 2018 race season is almost here and I really need to get our entries in! I did get off to a late start training due to pneumonia, but the dogs are all doing well. We have 10 dogs in harness and they should all get a chance to race. Click here for more info.

If you would like to sponsor a dog you can mail me a check or send it via paypal: corina@kianasiberians.com Please let me know how you would like your name(s) listed for each dog.

NOTE: Each dog can have more than 1 sponsor.


"Buy a Round of Kibble (BARK)"

Would you like to sponsor us by helping us to feed the dogs? We feed Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete which can be purchased from Chewy.com and sent right to us! Right now we are going through 2 bags a week just for the dogs in harness, also around 5 lbs of dog cookies, and lots of meat.

Our dog food sponsors:
Millie (the adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy) in memory of Peanut.
Marge & Wilma

Daisy & Biscuit