CAN CH Sequoia's The Memory Remains CGC, TT, AM/CAN CD, RN, WPD, SD

How we got him: Orion was a replacement dog for Cynder.  Orion and Cynder were bred by Mark & Karen Zamaitis of Sequoia Siberians in Plymouth, MA. Cynder was diagnosed with cataracts, and they told us we could pick a puppy from their next litter. We wanted a different red male from the litter, but long story short we ended up with Orion.

How he got his name: Our third Siberian Husky was named Orion. He came to live with us when he was 8 years old. It broke my heart when he died. I told Scott that one day we would have another red male named Orion. I came up with the registered name "The Memory Remains" to further honor our first Orion.

Training and showing: Scott showed Orion in the breed ring when he was a puppy. As a team they picked up lot of Reserve to major wins. The older Orion got the longer his coat grew. Orion became the Reserve Winners Dog king. We knew he would never finish in the US (without a handler), but we decided to finish him in Canada. I showed Orion in Canada and picked up 8 of his 10 points. The last 2 points were picked up when he went to Nova Scotia to be bred to a couple of nice females.

I obedience trained Orion. He is a great obedience dog, but only for me, he will not even work for Scott. Orion earned his Canine Good Citizen title first. Then his American Companion Dog title, Orion placed at the National for one of his legs. We then went to Canada to get his Canadian Companion Dog Title. When Orion went for his Temperament Test the head judge told me that she had never seen a Siberian Husky as smart as Orion and that it was a pleasure to judge him. Orion finished his obedience carrier with a Rally Novice title.

Orion and I learned how to track, and he proved to be a natural at it. I wish I had more time to fine tune his skills so that he could have earned a Tracking Title.

Scott hiked with Orion to finish his Working Pack Dog Title.

Career in harness: Orion is now retired from harness. He was always a hard working team dog that we never had to worry about. We both ran and raced Orion, but mostly he ran on Scott's team. Orion has his Sled Dog degree.

Some more about Orion: Orion is a happy go lucky dog. He gets along with all of our dogs. Orion is also very gentle with puppies, and has even been around day old pups. Orion is a very smart dog, his intelligence is obvious when you look into his eyes.  Orion is a well balanced dog with great movement. We are so proud of all of Orion's accomplishments.

His best friend(s): Orion has been good buddies with several dogs. As a young dog he was in love with Cinnamon, they lived together for many years, and he always thought of her as a mother figure. He also spent a while living with Mannie, I think he helped Mannie come out of his shell. Right now Orion is in the retirement kennel with Pando and Coyuk.

His favorite thing: Orion LOVES food

Eyes: S-8104/05-84

Hips: SH-13595E24M-T

Thyroid: cleared twice

gonioscopy over 75%

Orion is available at stud to approved bitches.