Kiana's Kermit The Dog SD

How we got him: Kermit was born in our kennel. His sire is Ember and his dam is Liv.

How he got his name: I thought he looked like a Kermit, and figured "Kermit The Dog" would make for a cute registered name.

Training and showing: I started training Kermie for the show ring when he was a young puppy. He went to several shows as a puppy.  I have high hopes for him as a show dog when he matures.

Career in harness: 2007/08 was Kermit's first season in harness. We do not normally run such young dogs, but he grew quickly so I figured what the heck. It was hard to remember that he was just a puppy. Kermit picked up 4 legs, and 112.5 miles towards his Sled Dog title his first year! Kermit finished his SD in 2009, and then his SDX 2010, he is currently working on his SDO.

Some more about him: Kermit loves everybody! He is a big friendly guy. He is the type of dog that tries very hard to get everyone to like him. We both love him to pieces.

His best friend: He loves everybody! Probably his very favorite friend is a dog who lives at Barking Brook Kennel named Java Bean. He also loves his kennel mate Vince. Kermit drags Vince around like he is a rag doll.

His favorite thing: He loves to play.

Eyes: S-11192/12-64

Hips:SH-17047E31M-VPI (Excellent)