Kiana's Diesel Of Aniscar CGC, RN, SD, RATI, RATN

How we got him: Diesel was born in our kennel. His sire is Mannie and his dam is Valeska, Diesel was from a litter of 6 puppies. 

How he got his name: The puppies all had animal names, and his name was Weasel. His new owners named him Diesel. The kennel that bought him was called Aniscar.

Training and showing: Diesel earned his Rally Novice title. All with respectable scores in the 90's. We do not think we will go further in Rally with him. Although he is awesome off lead, time will tell. Right now I'm training Diesel in Barn Hunt. He is so much fun to trial with.

He quickly earned his Novice title, and is working in Open.

Career in harness: Diesel started racing for his new home in 2007. He had won races for them in lead. They had filed for his SD title, but never bothered to do any further titles. We bought Diesel back in 2012, and he started racing for us in 2013. He is a great leader and reminds me so much of his mother Valeska.

Some more about him: Diesel is a great dog. One of our dogs that we never have to have on a leash. He listens very well. People love him when we do tours. Having been raised with kids Diesel is great with Jacob. I am so glad to have Diesel back in my kennel.

His best friend: Diesel loves all the ladies in the kennel.  

His favorite thing: People!

Eyes: S-10932/13-83

Hips: not done