Northome Isabel CGC, RN, SDX

How we got her: When we visited Al & Ann Stead at Northome Kennel in Minnesota we fell in love with Belle's kind brown eyes and sweet smile. We already had her brother Mark, and we decided to also get Belle. 

How she got her name: I never asked how she got the name Isabel, but it is a pretty name for a pretty dog. Her nicknames are Belle and Izzy, sometimes we confuse folks by calling her different names.

Training and showing: Scott trained Belle in obedience. First they earned her Canine Good Citizen title. Then they earned her Rally Novice title. Two of her legs were picked up at the National in 2006, her third leg was earned at our Yankee Siberian Husky Specialty show in 2007.

Belle has a couple of legs towards her Working Pack Dog title.

Career in harness: Belle used to run on Scott's team, and sometimes in the lead position. Belle is a great with her commands when in lead. In 2009 she started leading for Corina's team as well as the third team. Izzy completed the requirements for her Sled Dog Excellent title during the 2009 season.

Some more about her: Belle is a quiet dog who gets along with everyone. She is so gentle and smart. We are so glad that we brought Belle home from Minnesota.

Her best friend: Belle's best friend is Liv.

Her favorite thing: Belle loves giving kisses!

Eyes: S-10770/07-46

Hips: not done yet